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A mini bus plastered with the “Running Russell Simmons” sign, complete with the best and most beautiful women behind his empire, pulled up a couple blocks short of midtown’s busy Rockefeller street corner, to pick up fashion week worthy studs and stylistas. Right before the bus was about to take off Russell himself entered the bus to match his human face to the one playing on the mini screens promoting his new reality TV show, “Running Russell Simmons” premiering in November.

Russell sat down and casually chatted about what we might see in his show giving an inside scoop on some of the episodes.  Many beautiful and bright women that run his legendary operations will be featured in the show starring his indispensable right hands Simone and Christina along with GlobalGrind Exec Tricia Clarke-Stone, GlobalGrind’s Fashion Editor Piper and and two new interns who come along for the ride.

[pagebreak]During the show the audience will get a taste of his long running relationships with his colleagues especially Simone who is a vegan activist who performs an outrageous nude stunt to promote her causes. Dating will be covered in the show as well, Russell was single at the time of filming which was great for the show but various ex-girlfriends will be featured in the show from time to time.

Of course, Russell is fervently devoted to spirituality of the mind, body and soul which the show will promote.  Russell is dedicated to promoting change in all capacities, from personally taking the time to go to yoga practice every single morning and setting up a new banking system through RUSH cards, supporting the diamond empowerment fund, advocating for the Ground Zero Mosque, and through is charities that aim to relieve the community from poverty and violence.

Russell, a purebred New York staple from Hollis, Queens never forgets what it means to be real even with his impressive entrepreneurial portfolio, he will always remain humble and give back to the community and “Running Russell Simmons” will give viewers a chance to see how personally engaged he truly is in all of his initiatives.