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Covers are always exciting, especially when they cross genres of music. Weezer attempted at Toni Braxton‘s classic, ‘Un-break My Heart’ and we have to say we loved it! Their different style definitely worked in their favor because it sounded an original take on a musical classic.

Surprisingly this cover is actually five years old, Rivers Cuomo actually told American Songwriter magazine, ‘I love the way it came out, and I think probably the rest of the band really does not like it, and that’s probably why it didn’t make our fifth record, in 2005 when we were recording it.’

We do think the song coming out in 2010 is perfect timing, especially when with the mixing of R&B/Rap and Rock/Alternative is very popular.

Listen to the new track on the NEXT PAGE and tell us what you think!


Weezer – Unbreak My Heart by GlobalGrind

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