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(disclaimer) I’m a die hard Red Sox Nation fan and I would feel the same about my players)

Is it me or is the air being let out and i mean way out of Major League Baseball.
Remember Jose Canseco’s book and how they cast him out him for telling the truth about Roids in the league?
I mean tore this guy apart for suggesting that the great A-Rod would take steroids..

Is it me or did A-Rod A MONEYBAGS ‘I never took steroids’ Rod  admit to using PED’s?
(Performance enhancing drugs)
Is it me or did he lie to Katie Couric? u can’t lie to Katie Couric..who does that?
Ok i get it, if you tell on yourself the game is over for you…but wait a minute its not over.

A-Rod is a starter on The NY Yankees this year with a contract worth more than $$$$$$$$ u get the point.
But how is the greatest sport on earth, an American past time? and The Legendary New York Yankees going to get through this one.
Well they’ll do what they always do..brush the dirt off their shoulders and Play Ball!
I just hope that this season, and this year at every game some Bronx little league team stands outside with
t-shirts that say CO or AO

Why A-Rod?

Steroid Free Sign Me!

But why am i looking to the children? aren’t any die hard adult baseball fans mad enough to say enough is enough.
To boycott the Yankees first game at least? nope
We understand the money the glitz, the work, the pressure for more power in your swing.
But you cheated, and for that (as far back as i can remember) you got expelled from the game at least thats what games were like back on my block.
You cheat during dodgeball? go sit down
You cheat during red robbin? go sit down
You cheat during kickball? yep u geussed it go sit down.

So to A-Rod and all the injectors and to Major League Baseball who by the way has been just as much a culprit in this and the cover up of it all
 i say
To Jose Canseco I say.. hmmm let me re-read that book again..and see who else is coming out the Steroid closet this year. That was a very brave move.
Hopefully some programs are put into place immediately to guide the young players before and if they fall victim.
Question: do you think everyone who did steroids during their tenure in MLB should lose all stats , accolades, awards and their jobs as players?
tell me what you think
=0 A