The other day i was talking to a friend about how far we go and cheat on ourselves in situations like ‘I don’t EVER want to see or hear him/her again!’. I don’t know why it is so hard to keep yourself under control when you like someone. It’s like half of your brain dissapears and you act like Steve Urcle doing everything wrong you could possibly do wrong. I think we girls have a lot of ‘OMG i didn’t just say that!!’ moments. Actually my crush from last week (remember?) came up with a very good one: You remember how we agreed not to call each other anymore because it makes no sense and stuff? Well as said in my PS, he actually did call me and was like:

Weeeell as you said you will be near my place (my school is) and i drive to the city right now i thought i could pick you up and give you a ride back to the city? – Well i’m like ‘Sweety, i have a car’ and he goes: ‘Oooh right, but that wasn’t written in your blog!?!’. – Yes… He said that. But the good news about situations like this is that it’s not that bad because the other person – in this case me – thinks it’s super cute. 🙂
(Clearly he just needed a reason to call me). Or not… Whatever, doesn’t really matter anymore anyway.

So my friend and i tried to figure who’s worse when it gets to calling/writing someone you’re not supposed to call/write because he/she hasn’t answered on your last sign. A few years ago it was pretty easy because all you had to do is delete the number. I do that a lot i have to admit. Ok so here’s the usual process:

I DELETE HIS NUMBER, DELETED ALL THE MESSAGES (IN- AND OUTBOX OF COURSE) AND MADE SURE ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS DELETED HIS NUMBER TOO SO THEY COULDN’T GIVE IT TO ME IF I’D ASK. But i’ve always made it to call the phone company begging them to give me the number i’ve called yesterday at exactly 10.50. It’s too easy… Pfff.

I DELETE HIM FROM FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE. It’s not like you miss that superficial crap when you’re really in love. It’s just to tease him a little but totally childish so it’s rather a NO GO.

I DELETE HIS E-MAIL ADDRESS. Ooooh no, SOMEONE will find the address again and hand it out because you wine so much.

You have to make sure you block every possible way so you don’t make the situation worse then it is because time heals and calms everything and if you just shut up in moments you don’t feel well because someone isn’t giving you what you want. But in todays world it’s so hard because there are too many ways to keep in touch! I want to meet someone who has no Facebook, no Myspace, no Asmallworld, no Blackberry, no Skype and a sense of good communication. It’s impossible to not think about someone if the green sign’s up on Skype (WHY is this f*** not writing me??), the ‘online’ sign on Facebook but he doesn’t write you back (if he’d be busy i would say he doesn’t/shouldn’t hang out on Facebook) and last but not least the ‘Read’ sign on the Blackberry Messenger. So much trouble!!!! And as Drew Barrymore said in her latest movie ‘ you get rejected by seven different technologies’ it’s depressing…

These seven different technologies (Phone, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, Blackberry and so on) really do not help at all in romantic matters. It’s controlling your life and the people know when you’re ‘online’ and thanks to skype when you wake up and when you go to bed. With your Facebook status you can piss off the whole world if you want to. I once thought about using it for my press statements ‘No we didn’t break up’ or ‘i went home alone last night’. I really got in trouble with my ex-boyfriend because i accidentally changed my relationship status before it was official. He seriously called me at seven in the morning and went like ‘You want war? You’ve just started it!’. 😦 How can people take this crap so personal? I mean i go

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