The Daily Grind Video

<p>Trina.. ahBUSINESS WOMAN.?? who would have EVER thought that the Diamond Princess or That Freak bxtch Would Ever Go Corporate.??? Well Suprise Suprise.! Not only has She Drop ahHot Album., She is Now Creating a Cosmetic Line. its Called Ahmazin. Sounds Pretty Dope Right.? Well it is. Her Line includes Lip gloss., Perfume and Eye Lashes. YES That Right Ladies LASHES All Designed by Thee princess Herself.! The Firdt thing to Hit the Shelves are&nbsp; her Cute Lip Glosses. But Yu can Cop ahFree Gloss by Goin to Her Website and Orderin her New CD. She is Not Only Make a Cosmetic line, She is Workin On ahClothing Line. it will Be Called Dubbed Diamond. itsz For Thee Full Figured Beauties. We Will Be hearin From Miss Trina Really Soon with More stuff To Come. Whats Next.? Shoes.? Purses? Hell Jewlrey. iHope. Yu Are The Diamond princess After All.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>-LuckyszOUT-</p>