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Fresh off their Passion, Pain & Pleasure tour Monica enlists the talents of Trey Songz for the offical remix to her hit song, ‘Here I Am’. Monica told us about meeting with Trey Songz about this highly anticipated single saying ‘the new single is the one with Trey on it, so we were meeting about that.’

She later goes into detail about the tour and Trey. Here is what she had to say: ‘A certain order of business like whenever Trey comes in it’s the same thing. He’s going to come in and hug everybody in the room, not one person, the person he knows, it don’t  matter who’s in here.  So it’s just. It was just a great tour for me to come out on with my mind set at this point.  It’d be hard for me go out where there’s a bunch of bottle poppin, chicks and foolishness taken place because that’s just not my thing. I don’t judge it it’s just ain’t me so it was just a good situation for me.’

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