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Lebron James has signed with…’ are the words we’re going to hear in the coming days as we approach the eve of the start of the free agent signing period.

The deadline for NBA teams to talk to free agents is tonight, June 30, at midnight, so this is like Christmas and New Years wrapped in one for some teams. All day reports are coming out that more players are opting out of their contracts to be a part of the free agency hoopla. Many of the NBA stars are seeing the big money out there and they want to be apart of it.

For instance, just today, Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics, Dirk Nowitski from the Dallas Mavericks and Amare Stoudemire from the Phoenix Suns has opted to join the free agent market.

The notable front running teams for these marquee players are the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and the New Jersey Nets. They all have the cap room and the money to spend.

So who is on the trading block? The most notable name is Lebron James, Cleveland Cavilers All-Star Forward. His name has been bandied about for the entire NBA season, where will Lebron go? The thing is, wherever Lebron ends up he needs the right players around him to win an NBA championship.  The Chicago Bulls might be the best place for Lebron as they are already a playoff team and they have one of the best point guards in the NBA in Derrick Rose.


A couple of scenarios could happen:

1) James stays with Cleveland and they bring in Bosh

2) James goes to Chicago and they bring in Bosh the fact of the matter is James needs and wants a championship badly that’s the only way he’ll even matter when it comes to the greats.

One thing is certain, he won’t stay in Cleveland. The consensus around the league is that he should leave Cleveland because Lebron James is a bigger money player and he needs to be in a big market. Chicago, Miami or New York are the most intriguing cities for The King.


The Jay-Z Factor

Now everybody is expecting Bron Bron to come to NYC or come play for his homie Jay-Z, but that’s not likely. Why would Lebron want to play for the Nets when they were the worst team in the NBA last year? Lebron doesn’t want to rebuild, he wants a championship right away. He isn’t going to get that with the Nets.

So tonight at midnight and the following day we will all see what’s going to happen. Where will the top free agents land and most importantly, where will Lebron land?

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