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Ke$ha is a wild girl. The Tik Tok singer had a lengthy twitter battle with John Mayer which ended in Ke$ha asking to see John Mayer‘s private parts. The exchange all started when John Mayer wrote a twitter letter to Ke$ha saying: 

‘Dear Ke$ha, you won me over with your tricks and charms and I must tell you I really like your song.

Though I must add I tried brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack and I chipped a tooth on the glass. Where might I remit an invoice?’

Mayer continued his twitter love for Ke$ha by coming to her defense against the haters. 

‘Stop telling your friends you detest the ke$ha song and then dancing to it at home. How about some accountability, people?’

Ke$ha in true Ke$ha fashion wasn’t about any games so she decided to write a twitter letter back to John Mayer, going straight for his jewels. 

‘dear john mayerrr. Don’t be a little b*tch wit ur chit chat. $how me whur ur d*ck’s at.’

Sounds like John Mayer may want to snort some of Ke$ha’s goodies if you ask me. 

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