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Hello Global Grind: It’s @thegame

I want all to know that children are a gift, they are the future.  I love my children and dedicate my entire career to them.  I have two sons and a new daughter, Cali Dream Taylor born on August 21st.


There are so many men that dont take care of their children.  So I work everyday at not only being an artist, but a great father to my kids – not just a daddy. There is a big difference.


I love what I do and my album R.E.D is coming, I’m still working with Pharrell and Dr. Dre, but right now I’m enjoying being a father again and getting my kids ready for school.  I just released my mixtape with DJ Skee ‘BrakeLights’  thats doing very well to hold everyone over while the album is being completed.

The Game