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Hi Global Grinders it’s @rosaacosta!
There are a lot of beautiful skinny people out there. People who do a couple of push ups and they just look great, but for some of us it’s not that, easy myself included. I want to be an inspiration for those who it is harder for.
At 18 I became a part of the Dominican National Ballet and I danced there for four years. I was also a belly dancer, so I have always been over weight to do what I wanted to do. When I was dancing I was 30 pounds lighter and they were still putting pressure on me like you are still too heavy, nobody wants to lift you. For me it is has always been hard to lose a pound.

Yet, my looks are so common in my country, it’s like I’m just another girl there. I never considered myself curvy. I thought of myself as more muscular. I have no issues with my body, I love myself and I’m glad I look the way I look.

With that said, It’s no secret that I have had cosmetic surgery.  I got my breasts done because I have always been into working out and the way I work out I’ll be like flat-chested.


I had a 32C, but since I was working out so hard and my body fat percentage was so low I was looking like a guy. I did it because I wanted to look feminine, but still have muscles.

The way I look physically has nothing to do with my personality. People feel that they are better just because they didn’t have cosmetic surgery, but their personalities are still way super fake. I stay true to myself no mater if I have silicon in my boobs or not.