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Dear Lindsay Lohan,

Last night my heart dropped to my ankles when I saw this girl who looked just like you in Miami. I quickly approached her thinking it was you, but it wasn’t. Not one to let my eyes fool me, I said something to her any way, and can you imagine the conversation you have with a woman when you tell them you look like Lindsay Lohan? Good times. 

Anyway I hear you’re back with Sam Ronson? Is that true? One gossip site said the two of you were fighting in the club and that you through a drink in Sam Ronson’s face. I asked myself would Lindsay Lohan really do that? I didn’t believe the story at all. Then another website said the two of you were back on spotting making out in Teddy night club in LA. Is any of this even true? 

Lindsay, I just hope you can keep the evil people out of your life, and be great. I know you can do it Lindsay I have faith in you.

Hope all is well until, next time:

Xilla AKA Your biggest fan who changes in nickname ever single day.

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