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A Hellertown amusement company called Goodtime Amusements has a shooting game that targets President Barack Obama.  The Secret Service is currently investigating what looks like a politically charged ticking bomb ready to blow up.  It is clear that the target is meant to resemble the President Obama in the image of a black man with a presidential seal belt buckle holding a scroll labeled the ‘heath bill’.

For the price of $1 per shot or $5 for 6 shots, players can shoot at the target’s head and heart to win stuffed animal prizes.  Special agents are claiming that such activities need to be investigated because they might pose real threats to the president. 


It is also against the law to forge a presidential seal or try to replicate it.  The White House disapproves the likeness between the target at the president as a violently commoditized form of entertainment.


The President of Goodtime Amusements doesn’t seem very apologetic claiming that they change the targets routinely and that they are willing to take it down upon many complaints.  Good cites the ‘freedom of speech’ in defense but regardless of his rights, the game is unanimously distasteful and it is problematic to reward kids for being snipers pointing the gun at the president.