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This will make you swear off those brunch and dinner buffets for a while.

Brandon Huber, a cook at the Golden Corral in Port Orange, Florida, exposed the disgusting practices at the buffet chain through a self-shot video.

Filmed during a health inspection, Huber reveals that the restaurant stores food, both raw and cooked, near the dumpster to avoid receiving poor marks.

Apparently, Huber tried to go directly to the Golden Corral management as well as a number of news outlets before turning directly to the internet. But after the video made its rounds on the internet, the company released a statement:

The video sparked an anti-Golden Corral frenzy, in which these photos of a separate Golden Corral surfaced.

So I think at this point it’s safe to say…ew. Just….ew.

SOURCE: Gawker, YouTube, Buzzfeed

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