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Rachel Jeantel might have taken over the internets when she took the stand a few weeks ago, but Judge Debra Nelson was the real star of the George Zimmerman second degree murder trial.

Judge Debra [Steinberg] Nelson was often referred to as a “tough cookie” or “snippy” in the media throughout the trial, but in our terms, Judge Nelson was being nothing more than a boss bitch, in the best way possible.

Judge Nelson had full control of her courtroom at all times and with a jury made up of 6 women, Judge Nelson set an important tone. She used, but never abused, her power as she never let the all-male attorneys overstep their boundaries at any time while in her courtroom.

In case you want some background, Judge Nelson was appointed by then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush in May 1999. She is known for giving long jail sentences, being “no-nonsense” and is very much law-oriented.

So as the defense and prosecution make their final arguments, let’s take a look back at Judge Nelson’s best [most boss] moments in the courtroom…


Nelson vs. O’Mara: “Don’t ‘no, no, no’ me!” 

Judge Nelson to Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, as O’Mara argued that the parents of his client should be allowed to remain in court.

Nelson vs. West: “Stop arguing with court ruling after it’s made.”

Just this morning, Judge Nelson puts Don West in his place as he continuously objects.

And then we have some video footage…

Nelson vs. West: Judge Nelson gets in an argument with Don West [this becomes kind of a habit]

Nelson vs. West: Don West loses it, Judge Nelson walks out on him

Nelson vs. West: Judge Nelson asks George Zimmerman about taking the stand, Don West gets in the way, the judge isn’t having it

All these men, they just don’t listen.

We feel for ya, Deb. Keep up the good work!

P.S. We love your headbands

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