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The Conjuring is the scariest movie I’ve seen in a decade.

Earlier this year I got the chance to partake in the “Conjuring Experience” when Warner Bros Studio gave me the opportunity to meet Lorraine Warren [whom I’ll explain later,] see her house and even go face-to-face with the real artifacts from the movie. 

At the time I hadn’t heard about the film, I purposely didn’t watch any trailers for the film, I only read the IMDB page but just like that, it was on!

The Conjuring is based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren and how they handled the case of the Perron family. Take a moment to watch the trailer below. 

After we watched the movie, we got to visit Lorraine’s house. The same house they show in the movie where Lorraine and Ed live, the place were they keep their relics from cases of the past. Before we made our trip to see Lorraine, the star of the movie Patrick Wilson told me about his experience going to the house. 

He told me what it was like meeting Lorraine. 

“She was even telling us stories about early on. One of the things I took away when I met her, I probably a lot like Ed, was looking at these things very practically not getting caught up in the aura. I was just looking, taking pictures of things to use in the film, what helps me and there was tons of paintings up on the walls that Ed had done.

He just loved Halloween, a lot of creepy oil paintings so we borrowed some of those for the film especially in our room.

So they would go out early on to not make any money.

They would hear things, hauntings or something. They would show up and say, “Listen. If my husband can paint a painting of your house we will give it to you, but we would like to come look inside.”

People were like “What? Why?” [Laughs] So that’s how they started out, they real young couple just fascinated with ghosts and whatever so that’s how they would sort of travel around selling these paintings or giving these paintings to people.”

I thought that story was strange but I wanted to meet the woman whose life I had learned about the night before. 

Once we got to the house, I noticed chickens in the yard. I walked in and it was very clear Lorraine has a strong relationship with God.


A preacher stood in her living room, she sat in a chair, smiling with her dog in her lap, cats running around. There were animals everywhere.

Lorraine greeted us, told us stories about how she med her husband Ed. Ed passed away a few years earlier, we went to visit his grave. I said a quick prayer. In fact I prayed the entire time I was there. I was nervous. I was still a bit frightened from the movie, but once I got there, my horrors reached a new level when they showed us a video of a real life exorcism of the one re-enacted in the movie. 

A cross appeared on the guys’ chest, tears turned to blood. I was horrified. So scared that I didn’t bother to go in the basement to see the doll or any of the other demonic things they collected. I just sat there on a hard bench with a cat walking back and forth against my leg. 

So I didn’t get to see all the demonic artifacts. I skipped that. I was just comfortable knowing that the Conjuring scared me pretty damn good! I’m cool with that. Lorraine is my homie!  


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