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In an interview with Jet magazine, Jordan Davis‘ parents discuss many topics, from how they’re dealing with the tragedy of losing their 17-year-old son at the hands of a gunman, to the kinship they feel with Trayvon Martin’s parents.

At a gas station on November 23, 2012, Davis and a group of his friends were in a SUV when a man named Michael Dunn fired eight or nine shots in the vehicle before driving off, leaving Davis to die.

Now, Davis’ parents, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath, are preparing for the shooter’s first-degree murder trial scheduled for this September. 

How have you been preparing for the trial in September?

Ron Davis: “We show up and listen to the information presented by the prosecutor and the defendant. We’re there to support the prosecutor. We’ll start a civil action after the trial.”

Lucia McBath: “Ron and I continue to attend all the pre-trial motions each month. The two most important motions, which were denied by the judge, were Michael Dunn’s request for bond as well as a denial to claim indigence for his attorney’s fees. His attorney continues to stall and drag out discovery and disclosure materials in hopes it will weaken our case. Evidence against Michael Dunn is overwhelming according to our attorneys so, we are hoping that once we go to trial September 23, justice for Jordan and the boys will be swift.”

How have you connected with Trayvon Martin’s family?

Ron Davis: “We were down in Miami to help celebrate Trayvon’s 18th birthday. We are in touch about what we’re doing. We’re trying to support them as much as we can. We do have bad days. The last thing you want to do is assume how someone feels. It’s hard to be strong when you are the one who lost a son or daughter. You do the best that you can, and that’s all you can do. I have told Trayvon’s father Tracy that anytime you want to call or text me, you can do that. It’s all a story until it’s not a story. He’s not going to be left by himself. It’s not about the 15 minutes.”

This is just too soon. Hopefully justice will be served for this young man.

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SOURCE: NewsOne and Jet