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Let’s cut straight to the case with this one, few things are physically sexier than an athlete’s physique. Whether he is a baller, a swimmer, a baseball player or the local jogger, a man who is in shape is always easy on the eyes. You know what else is easy on the eyes? A man who is in spectacular shape and just so happens to be wearing a damn good tailored suit. 

Being the lovers of fine things that we are here at GlobalGrind, the aforementioned had us exceptionally excited to tune into the ESPY Awards and watch some of our favorite best-dressed athletes, who happen to look damn good when they’re undressed as well. 

We’ve had enough heavy news for the week, so let’s take a little break to treat ourselves to a bit of eye candy. In the spirit of lifting spirits, check out our favorite athletes dressed to the nines, and then undressed in a game of suits versus skin. We’re sure they’re all good sports. 

You’re welcome. 

D. Wade Suit…

Versus D. Wade Skin. Winner? 

LeBron James suit.

Versus LeBron James Skin. Winner? 

Russell Westbrook suit…

Versus Russell Westbrook skin. Winner? 

Amar’e Stoudemire suit…

Versus Amar’e Stoudemire skin. Winner? 

Tyson Chandler suit…

Should we even ask you who the winner of this round is? 

Reggie Bush suit…

Is a close tie with Reggie Bush skin. 

Deandre Jordan suit…

Versus Deandre Jordan skin. Winner? 

David Beckham suit…

Versus….Aw hell they all win! 

Now go wipe the drool off your mouse pad. 

Photo Credit:

Wenn, Getty Images, Elle, Dime Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Instagram

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