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Don’t cover your mouth now Jay, tell us something!

July can now officially be crowned the month of Jay Z, seeing as he’s basically saturated the media. From his #newrules release of album Magna Carta Holy Grail, to being praised by designer Tom Ford for his fashionably titled track, to rapping Picasso Baby” for 6 hours straight, he closed out the month by leaving his long term relationship with the hyphen in his name.

But the rapper may now “change clothes” and take designer cues from his boy Kanye, as it was reported today that Jay is in talks with Barneys New York to work on a Holiday collection with the high end retailer.

But don’t get too excited just yet, it’s only a fashion tale buzzing around the rumor mill, since Barneys executives have yet to be reached for comment. And despite all of his media attention thus far, Jay has been tight-lipped about the rumored collection as well.

We anticipate that more details of the alleged collab will emerge soon and ho-ho-hopefully Santa will be blessing one good girl – or boy – with some Christmas swag courtesy of Jay Z and Barneys.