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Selena Gomez is officially 21 and we all know 21 is the era of SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!

The “Come & Get It” singer previously revealed that she’d be ordering her first ever legal drink on her big day, and during a celebratory birthday dinner at Bagatelle Restaurant, Selena stood true to her word by ordering shots of Jack Daniels whiskey.

Though the beautiful superstar can’t remember how many she had, while chatting it up with Jay Leno she reveals that her birthday was a lot of fun, filled with an epic birthday cake and friends that included Ashley Benson, plus an after party at Beacher’s Madhouse. 

Check out the video above for Selena’s performance on The Tonight Show. Below are some highlights from her interview:

On How Many Shots Selena Had:

“I don’t remember.”

On Her Dinner & If She Was Hungover During Her Jay Leno Interview:

“A little bit, it was fun though, it was good. I’ll have a birthday party this weekend but I had a dinner with my friends, the party’s going to be kind of a gypsy theme, I’m excited. We’re gonna have skirts and tattoos and belly dancers. It’ll be kind of the whole thing, It’ll be fun.”

On Her Birthday Cake:

“I love fast food a lot and Jack In The Box tacos are my absolute favorite. My friends made me a birthday cake of Jack In The Box tacos with 21 on it.”

So far, Selena makes 21 look great! 

SOURCE: DailyMail || Photo Credit: Instagram