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All you had to do last night was peel your tired little eyes away from the blinding light of technology for a few hours to miss a shed of epic proportions: Beyonce is letting her scalp breathe.

After serving her life as the alter girl to the church of Virgin Remy and Malaysian and becoming the pastor of hair whippage, Beyonce has decided to let it all go for the “On the Run” style of a pixie cut. Of course Beyonce looks stellar with her Ellen haircut, but we can’t help but wonder how Sasha Fierce is going to feel about her crown being lifted. Who will rigorously swing their hair into the front row during the Super Bowl halftime show? Who will dutty wine with style and finesse? And most importantly, what exactly is she going to whip while dancing along to Willow Smith?

We don’t know if the long tresses will be back, but #somewhereinamerica, Michelle Obama’s bangs aren’t happy about the shift of attention.

We have more questions than answers here, but one thing that is indisputable is the fact that Beyonce’s hair has been a large part of her stage presence for as long as her scalp can remember. In memorial, we’d like to take a walk down hair whip lane with weave glue in hand, to remember all the great times that Bey and her extensions had together.

For starters, we would like to have a word with the weave-snatching fan that brought every woman’s biggest fear to life when it snatched Beyonce’s weave like a bandit during her Mrs. Carter World Tour performance…This side eye is for you.

Somewhereinamerica, Beyonce’s hair was always a-flipping.

Flip, Bey, Flip.

Twirl, girl.


Swang, girl!


Be fierce with it!

But the signs were always there…

Maintaining all that Malaysian isn’t easy.

So sometimes you have to get a little crafty.

But there is always enough growth for a stellar weave…tell ’em Bey.

RIP to the tracks you used to know…those days are over.


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