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Welcome to Breaking Bad Xtra. Every Monday morning we will discuss last night’s BrBa. Today I’ll give you a few secrets about Episode 9, “Blood Money,” as well as some predictions for the rest of the season. So if you’re like me and you can’t get enough of Breaking Bad then BrBa X-tra is perfect for you to read each Monday morning.

So le’ts get started:

Did you know?

Bryan Cranston not only directed this episode, he did his own stunts in it. We’ll show you more about that later on in this post.

The Opening Scene:

Blood Money starts off with a flash forward of Walter driving up to in an old Volvo. Similar to the one Gus Fring used to drive.

White family house is abandoned with a bunch of reckless teenagers using the now empty pool as a skate park. Walt looks filthy as he stands outside the old run down house.


He goes inside the house to a wall outlet and finds the risen still taped inside, catching his reflection in the mirror, someone wrote “Heisenberg” on the wall. When he leaves, a neighbor spots him and freezes, clearly terrified, as he returns to his car.

“Hello Carol.”

Jesse’s Secret:

Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse, reveals that he found out about the plot just like everyone else.


“I found out just like our fans are going to find out, one episode at a time. So all I can say about the final eight is that every Breaking Bad fan knows that each season gets progressively darker. And the final eight hours are just a brutal sprint to the finish line. I never wanted the show to end, but after reading the final eight hours, I couldn’t think of a better way to end it.” — Aaron Paul during Q&A w/ AMC

The Best Scene Of The Episode: “Tread Lightly”

Hank and Walt come face to face when Hank sucker punches Walt during the end of the episode. That’s when Walt gets straight Heisenberg on ’em and says:

“If that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

Walt’s Secret: 

He wore hard elbows, and knees for the fight scene with Hank. You can’t have the star of the show getting injured, now can you?

In this next clip you’ll see some behind the scenes action from “tread lightly.” Check it out…

 The “Bitch” Factor:


While Jesse didn’t do his trademark, “Yeah Bitch!” or even a “Yeah, Mr. White,” Skinny P got the honors with an epic ” Cause he’s a doctor, bitch,” during a geek moment about Star Trek.

This Week’s Prediction: 

Walt will murder Skylar. Here is why I think this:

As Buzzfeed points out, Walt takes on the traits of the people he killed. After he choked out Crazy 8, he started cutting the crust off of his sandwiches. After he blew Gus’s face off, he started driving a Volvo like Gus.

Breaking bad

When he merked Mike he started ordering his drinks on the rocks. Walt is also using a towel to vomit just like Gus did, when he tried to poison himself.


So if you think back to the first flash forward, when Walt was at Denny’s, he broke his bacon like Skylar did for him on his birthday, and notice he’s also using her maiden name on his fake ID.


I’m going to predict that Skylar is going to get killed by Walt. It explains why Carol is so shook when she sees him, and also why the house is boarded up.

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