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Memphis rapper Juicy J is keeping Pimp C’s legacy alive with his latest announcement.

To maintain Pimp C’s honor, Juicy J announced he will be producing Pimp C’s posthumous album, which will feature previously unreleased material.  Since the ’90s, Three 6 Mafia and Houston’s UGK became hip-hop allies and worked closely together until Pimp C’s untimely death in 2007.

Juicy tweeted:

Juicy and Pimp C have collaborated on classic tracks like “Sippin On Some Sizzurp,” “Like A Pimp,” and “International Player’s Anthem (Remix).”

Juicy J is currently readying his Taylor Gang debut album, Stay Trippy, which is due out August 27. The Juicy J-produced posthumous album will be Pimp C’s third posthumous album.

Currently, this new album has no release date. Any thoughts on Juicy J producing Pimp C’s posthumous album? If so, share them below.