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This summer has definitely been a memorable one!

The past few months were filled with twerking, historical moments that we will tell our children about, and music we’ll jam to until we go back to school. Being an intern at this hip-pop company has taught us a lot, and exposed us to a lot of possibilities that we weren’t sure we could ever reach.

Every day something else was trending, and everyone was posting so many different videos on Vine (until Instagram added videos) that we always had something to say or write about.

From Trayvon Martin to what the hell was Miley thinking, we have certainly covered it all.

So, what was it like being an intern at GlobalGrind? Well….

Twerking was a BIG thing here! It seemed like all the celebrities were in a competition to see who could show their ass the most.

And other people wanted to get into the twerking action as well.

Kanye vs. Jay Z vs. J. Cole: When these three powerful albums dropped, there were heated discussions on which one topped the rest, and which artist could’ve worked a couple more weeks. Nevertheless, these three albums were set on repeat in the office!

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! You couldn’t help but watch the show and talk about it. With this crazy family, we caught ourselves reliving the moments and laughing about what that girl had to say every morning.

Love and Hip-Hop: ATL: Whenever we were having a bad day, we could always think, “At least I’m not dealing with Stevie J’s ass!” We were dedicated watchers of the show every Monday, just to gossip about it on Tuesday.

The Conjuring was probably one of the freakiest movies of the summer! If the commercials freaked you out, then you KNEW it was scary. One of the editors, Blogxilla, received a special present that disturbed everyone in the office.

The beautiful and talented Disney Star CoCo Jones showed how much talent a 15-year-old can have! She truly blew us away.

The Trayvon Martin case was one of the most monumental events ever. We covered everything leading up to the trial, and when it happened, we were right there! From the rallies to the basketball tournament in Harlem, we’ll remember it all.

MILEY CYRUS! Whether you covered Entertainment, Style, News, or Music, you were going to write something about Smiley Miley.

Another tragic story was that of Jordan Davis; a kid who was shot and killed not too long after Trayvon Martin. Davis’ father and stepmom came into the office to talk to us about his story, and brought the entire office to tears.

Baby fever! North West, Blue Ivy, and George Alexander Louis have been the talk of the whole summer. From press releases, to pictures and rumors, these royal babies were the talk of everyone’s morning.

A lot of us interns have really become close (like Ashley and Tatayana). It was a GREAT summer and we all took a little bit of this hip-pop world with us!