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For people that are supposedly “smart,” these college students could’ve fooled us.

Dartmouth College’s fraternity Alpha Delta threw a huge party that was “Blood and Crips” inspired and now the frat is expressing its sincere apology to the public.

Dartblog, the gossip blog of Dartmouth, recently published the invitation of the party that took place on July 26. The invitation even had a message from the frat’s chairman advising party attendees to “choose wisely” on what they were going to wear.

And it’s worth saying that the chairman grew up in the suburbs, playing golf.

In an email to the blog after the party occurred, the frat issued a statement:

“Alpha Delta hosted a “Bloods and Crips Party” on the night of Friday, July 26th. The idea was never meant to be derogatory to any group, and was intended to introduce a costume theme to the party. While there was never any ill intent in the party’s theme, the brothers of Alpha Delta now realize that it was insensitive and thoughtless to make light of a very serious issue that affects many people nationwide, particularly young people. Gang violence is obviously an incredibly serious problem across America, and while we as a house failed to preemptively recognize the offensive nature of the party’s theme, the gravity of our oversight is now apparent to us.”

C’mon kids, do better.

SOURCE: Gawker