The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic lately, and President Barack Obama has decided to publicly share his thoughts concerning the issue. During a recent interview with VICE, the president suggested that young people should be focusing on the larger issues that affect our country — like climate change and the economy — rather […]

UPDATED, 2:20 p.m. EST, 3-10-15: Howard Dixon, who worked for 15 years as a chef at the now-defunct Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, says that while he considers the former chapter members to be family, he does not blame officials for taking action against them, Yahoo News reports. According to the news site: “I think […]

One of the largest fraternities in North America, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, thought it would be clever to mock the L.A. Crips gang in the wake of Ferguson and Eric Garner protests this past weekend. Members of the fraternity threw a “Clemson Cripmas”-themed party at Clemson University on Saturday night, wherein white kids donned fake tear-drop tattoos […]

One of two Brown University students has tested positive for a date-rape drug after drinking punch at a fraternity party in October. The students first reported rapid intoxication followed by memory loss after having the punch at the party. One student also reported being sexually assaulted. The results of the test to detect the odorless […]

National Football League teams are scrambling to deny allegations, brought forth by former NFL executive Jerry Angelo, that teams hid hundreds of domestic violence incidents in the past 30 years. Angelo, who was general manager of the Chicago Bears until 2011, said he regrets his role and is not proud of the “mistakes” that were […]

The fraternity that threw a racist party to celebrate (or demean) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is finally getting the boot from Arizona State University. The university notified Tau Kappa Epsilon that its recognition as a fraternity chapter at ASU has been permanently revoked. According to the Associated Press: Revoking recognition means the 65-year-old local […]

At least 83 people are dead after the Syrian government launched an aerial bombardment in Aleppo that targeted opposition to President Bashar al-Assad. According to the Local Coordination Committees, an opposition group, at least 27 children and eight women were among the dead. They also reported that 50 more people had sustained injuries in the bombardments. Helicopters […]

This is scary. The National Transportation Safety Board has released new footage of the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco International Airport in July. In the raw footage, you can see the Boeing 777 skidding down the runway before tumbling up into the air in a cloud of smoke. Watch above. [NDN] Bad teacher? Michael […]

For people that are supposedly “smart,” these college students could’ve fooled us. Dartmouth College’s fraternity Alpha Delta threw a huge party that was “Blood and Crips” inspired and now the frat is expressing its sincere apology to the public. Dartblog, the gossip blog of Dartmouth, recently published the invitation of the party that took place on […]