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The fraternity that threw a racist party to celebrate (or demean) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is finally getting the boot from Arizona State University.

The university notified Tau Kappa Epsilon that its recognition as a fraternity chapter at ASU has been permanently revoked.

According to the Associated Press:

Revoking recognition means the 65-year-old local chapter is no longer affiliated with ASU, the group won’t be listed on the university’s website and it cannot recruit members or hold on-campus meetings.

The distasteful MLK party, complete with watermelon cups, basketball jerseys, and guests throwing gang signs, isn’t the first time the fraternity has been in trouble.

In 2012, Tau Kappa Epsilon was placed on probation and then suspended for hosting a Jan. 19 party depicting racial stereotypes, which drew harsh criticism from civil-rights leaders who demanded the university expel the fraternity.

But spokesman for the fraternity, Alex Baker, said the group does not condone racist or discriminatory behavior. He said Tau Kappa Epsilon has received the university’s findings and planned to release the results of its own investigation shortly.

Not everyone is convinced, especially after the racist images made their way to social media.

The Rev. Jarrett Maupin, an Arizona civil rights activist, said the party antics were outrageous and offensive. He called for the school to expel all students involved and permanently ban the fraternity from affiliation with ASU.

The university is deciding how to handle individual cases of student discipline. But we think the Reverend had a great solution.

We’re just saying.