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It’s Chief Keef’s birthday everybody!

It was just a little over a year ago when the 16-year-old teenage rapper from Chicago burst onto the music scene. He’s undoubtedly one of the most intriguing, yet obnoxious teenagers we know, but we like him.

In honor of his 18th birthday, we here at GlobalGrind decided to round up 18 things that Chief Keef can now do – well, legally do.

Keef is a well seasoned kid, and we know that he’s been doing half the things, well, basically ALL the things on our list, but hey, a kid’s got to live.

Happy Birthday Keef, and we wish you many many more.

1. Clubbing 

Nevermind, Chief Keef is already well versed in the club scene. 


2. Get married.

He has a baby mother, so that’s close enough. 


3. Rent a hotel room without a co-sign.

He’s already been booking hotel rooms…and getting kicked out of them. 


4. Adopt a child.


Chief Keef’s already a dad, and from the looks of things, he’s a good dad too. 


5. Get a tattoo.

Not that he doesn’t already have a thousand of them. 


6. Serve liquor. 

Well…Chief Keef has actually been serving lean. 


7. Buy cigarettes.

Chief Keef’s been buying cigs, weed, and everything that can be smoked.


8. Open up a bank account.

Clearly, Keef needs a bank account…bad.


9. Hit the strip club. 

Strippers are already Chief Keef’s best friends. 


10. Go to adult jail. 

Jail? Keef’s been there…done that. 


11. Buy Porn. 

Let us remind you that Chief Keef is well versed in making homemade sex tapes. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 4.31.36 PM

12. Buy a house. 

chief keef bed

13. Legally purchase a gun. 

Not that, Chief Keef should never be allowed to own a gun.


14. Vote

15. Gamble

16. See an NC-17 rated movie…despite his life basically being an NC-17 rated movie.

17. Change his name.


18. Join the military (the thought of Chief Master Sergeant Keef is scary).

military gif

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