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Some of us who feel strongly about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial may not know what we can do to make a change. Well, thanks to the good folks at the Washington Post we can to tell you what can be done!

First, if you haven’t already you should head over to Change.org  and sign a petition by Trayvon’s family to amend “stand-your-ground” laws in 21 of the 31 states where they are on the books.

Your efforts can then continue by casting your vote in the 2014 midterm elections and each election cycle beyond until we make history by passing a Trayvon Martin amendment to the stand-your-ground laws in every state that has them.

These actions will make you part of a new voting bloc: The Trayvon Martin voter and this is MAJOR!

As the Washington Post sums it up for us:

Trayvon Martin voters have the potential to become a critical mass influencing several important issues, including stand-your-ground laws, racial-profiling laws and stop-and-frisk policies. Typically, the voter turnout in midterm elections is dramatically diminished from presidential-election years. We can, however, make sure that in the upcoming midterm election Democrats, Republicans and independents across the country turn out to vote for Trayvon Martin amendments. Trayvon voters have a clear cause: capturing the passion over the devastating verdict returned in the trial of George Zimmerman and transforming these feelings into actions that can and will make a difference.

This is your chance to vote for Trayvon, dont’ miss it!

For more info on how your vote can make a change, click here!

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