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Our hearts weep. Summer has officially come to a close and even though most have not officially exerted their summer wardrobe to its full potential, it is alas, time to pack it in, way in to the back of the closet until next year.

There is the old, and very well-known, adage that after Labor Day announces the close of summer we should cease the usage of all white wardrobe items immediately, but there are probably a few more items that you should give a little break until Memorial Day.

The story behind wearing white after Labor Day has a lot to do with status and wealth. According to sources, wearing white all summer was a symbol of elitism and status. Come September’s post Labor Day celebrations, re-entry into the city and the change of season and pace called for a new, heavier, darker-colored wardrobe. But those who couldn’t afford to wash their whites on repeat wore drab work clothes all summer long. So, pretty much those who wear all white are the very same ones who have weekend homes in the Hamptons.

The story behind the no-white is pretty interesting, but our story behind our list is this: it’s no longer officially summer, no matter how warm it is.

Check out the 5 items you should retire from your wardrobe after Labor Day.

1. White pants:

White shoes (especially sneakers) are forgivable after labor day, and while it is possible to slide for a few more weeks in a pair of white pants, it’s probably best to opt for a very light wash denim in lieu of the whites. However, if you’re looking to stock up for next year, buying white pants in the fall and winter seasons will get you a pretty good deal.

2. Cork heeled shoes/Espadrilles:

They’re perfect for summer fun, but not so suiting for combatting the fall foliage. Give all the cork-heeled wedges and lace-up espadrilles a break until next beach season, they’ll still be just as comfortable then.

3. Neon short shorts:

While it’s clear the neon trend is transiting throughout seasons, that doesn’t mean that all neon items are invited along for the ride. Ditch the neon short shorts; they will never be as versatile as a pair of destroyed denim shorts.

4. Straw/basket Pocketbooks:

Would you carry a picnic basket in the snow? We would like to assume no is the answer. Straw bags and totes are cute and whimsical for the spring and summer, but not practical for fall and winter, even if your seasons aren’t experiencing climate change. Preserve the delicate bag carefully, and it will be ready and waiting for you to bring it out once the trees start to bloom again.

5. Linen:

Unless you’re traveling to the West Indies or a tropical climate for a wedding, there is approximately zero need for a linen suit (men and women). Linen is meant to be breathable, cool and breezy, all the things you need for a summer suit, but not necessarily for any other time; a regular suit can now suffice. Be sure to hang and store your linen with care, so ironing it in a pinch won’t be a headache in the spring.

What are some other items you would prefer not to see after Labor Day?