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All you Vine fans better watch out…these video trends are contagious!

Laura Govan has clearly been watching a lot of “smack cam” videos on the popular 6-second video sharing site, since she recently did it to her husband Gilbert Arenas.

The BBWLA star took to her Instagram to post a video of her doing one of the more popular Vine trends where a person smacks someone as hard as they can with things such as whipped cream, baby powder, and if you’re daring…full cartons of milk and juice.

The video shows Laura in the living room whispering “smack cam” to the camera, where she then creeps up behind Gilbert and then slaps him across BOTH sides of his face with shaving cream.

As she runs away, the cameraperson stays close by Gilbert for a reaction, and while he didn’t show much of a reaction, the silence shows that revenge is in her future.

Overall, the video did probably make the charts for one of the better celebrity smack cam videos!

Check out the epic “smack cam” above.