Sunsets on the beach, fashion jobs and A-list parties. What didn’t sound absolutely fab about being one of the girls on the MTV “reality” show, The Hills? As younglings new to the world of reality TV, we watched LC and Co. grow from being Laguna Beach’s most popular guys and gals, to young adults making the daunting move to the Hollywood Hills to peruse their dreams.

We followed along for the boyfriends with two first names, the best friends that turned into plastic Barbies with horrible boyfriends (Hi Spencer) and in the moment, it seemed though the girls had a sound grip on the advice they provided one another.

Now, years later, with the show on syndication and a little life experience on this end, watching an episode of The Hills and attempting to extract any advice for how to live life in actual reality sounds like just about one of the stupidest things ever.

Sure, LC may have dropped some notable conversation gems before she made her transition into Lauren Conrad, but by Jesus, The Hills was sometimes giving the absolute  worst advice.

When we found out the show would be back on television, the reaction was something like:

But now that we re-watch and actually listen to some of their logic about life…it’s all like:

But we were all just living and learning as we went along, right? Right. Now that the show is making a resurgence, I think this is a good time to note, there are certain realms of life we shouldn’t seek guidance from.

Here are 11 examples of times where The Hills had this thing called life all wrong.

1. Anytime anything involved Spencer Pratt and his idea of how to treat just about any person and any situation. All wrong, all the time.

2. Justin Bobby’s logic about why it was OK for him to be a cheaty McDoucheDouche. (But goodness was he a looker)

3. Lauren’s inability to decide if she wanted bad people in or out of her life…and the condescending quotes that came with this pondering.

4. Like legit Lauren, are they in or out?

5. The extremity of levels they would claim to go to to not “hook up” with a lower echelon of men.

6. Lauren’s understanding of men as mind readers.

7. Her unacceptable understanding of acceptable levels of shady. How about it’s not OK to be shady, ever.

8. The understanding of how selective memory works in correspondence with forgiveness.

9. This was also not the place to find out what to expect from men…

10. Or to seek opinions on love.

11. Audrina was not the one to gauge as how to react in arguments with hot men names Justin Bobby, she was almost always distracted by his hotness and motorcycle.

The girls may have not had all the lessons on love, life and friendship, but there were some times when they had a few things figured out…

Like that one time Lauren finally understood what love was.

And that other time Whitney broke down how horrible harvesting negative energy was.

And of course that time when Kristen came through and showed us all exactly how to end a friendship.

A balance of all things horrible and amazing.

Long live The Hills re-runs!

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