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Drake’s third solo album, Nothing Was the Same, hits stores today. It’s kinda a big deal, so much so that it’s hard imagining another artist releasing an album or EP today. Unless, of course, you’re Jason Derulo, who just dropped his latest project, Tattoos.

In the UK, and other parts of the world, Tattoos is a full-blown 11-track album; American fans are not so lucky. Folks in the United States are only going to get a pretty solid five-track EP.

Jason Derulo is a pop star, and the Miami-bred singer spends the precious little EP-time he has trying to convince people he can do various types of pop music. So on the first quarter of the EP he transitions from upbeat Europop, “The Other Side,” to bouncy, southern-based hip-hop, the 2 Chainz-featured “Talk Dirty.”

The rest of the EP features a slower, ballad-y kind of vibe, with the standout being the single “Marry Me.”

“Marry Me” has gotten Jason lots of attention leading up the release, mostly due to the sugary video, which features Jason proposing to his real life girlfriend, Jordin Sparks.

Jason’s beau also shows up later on the EP’s closer, “Vertigo,” which despite the song’s dreary title, ends up being a sweet, tender moment between the two.

So how’s the project, the third Jason has released in The States? It’s pretty enjoyable, but nothing groundbreaking. It’s the kind of quick, breezy release that’s perfect for the early summer months, and not terrible for the early fall months either.

It’s certainly worth turning Drake off for like 20 minutes.

Now let’s see what happens when Jason releases a full time LP in The States, sometime next year (hopefully.)

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