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After a quick Twitter quip with Teyana Taylor earlier this week, Rihanna successfully diverted my attention when she began using the fuel from the Twitter fires to propel her latest RiRi Hearts MAC Cosmetics collection, and we were here for it. All of it.

The preview answered the questions we all pondered over in the past: when are we getting new lipstick colors? When will we see all that reflective pink packaging? When will the whole collection launch? The answer is now, now, and now.

In her tweets, Rihanna mentioned that the collection would be dropping online October 3rd, but failed to mention we could by-pass the online mele with the in-store an entire week earlier.

While I personally covet Rihanna’s collaborations with MAC because the colors are friendly to women who have skin-tones similar to Rihanna’s, this full-launch of the collection featured everything for everyone, from brushes to mascara, lip liners, and brow pencils. I found no particular need to replace my beauty tools with all things Rihanna, or change my devotion to branded products in those areas (Benefit, you will always have the love of my lashes), so I went straight to the party: the colors. My personal choices from the collection, and the review you will find below, is for the following:

Talk That Talk Retro Matte Lipstick

Nude Matte Lipstick

Diamonds Highligher 

Bad Girl Gone Good Blush


Price: $16.50

Prior to this find, I have never felt the need to seek a matte nude lip. They’re always a bit chalky and almost make lips look ashy, but again, when the line is designed with a woman of color in mind, the product reflects accordingly. Nude is a matte formula, but still boats a creamy feel (unlike the matte feel of RiRi Woo and Talk That Talk). It’s perfect for pairing with dramatic eyes in the fall season, or it is the perfect filler for a bright pink liner. See below:

It’s a grown up alternative to a clear gloss or a balm on days when you want to be a little more subtle.


Price: $16.50

As expected, Talk That Talk is my personal most coveted item from the collection. For those of you MAC aficionados who worry how this will rival Cyber as a plum lip for fall, know that Talk That Talk falls into different realms of plum with less of a berry undertone than Cyber. My best description of the hue is if MAC’s Diva and Cyber were to procreate and produce a perfect blend, this would be it. Lovers of Heaux from Rihanna’s last M.A.C. collection will naturally gravitate towards this darker hue for fall. See below:

I already know this is going to be a winter and fall staple in my makeup collection for those times I desire a dark, yet sultry lip.


Price: $24

Admittedly, I am not too heavy in the blush game. A little bronzer here or there on busier days (and yes, I am the woman who does her makeup during the morning commute) is enough to get me by, but on the occasions that I do desire a little flush, I naturally gravitate towards MAC’s Ambering Rose. Consider Bad Girl Gone Good to be Ambering Rose’s younger, yet sexier little sister. This color has a lot less sparkle than Ambering Rose, but holds its own in the pigmentation realm. It’s a sweet alternative to the over done pink cheeks…those just ain’t for everybody!


Price: $24

Ok, last collection I fell into the trap and bought Rihanna’s Barbados Luster Creme and haven’t opened it since, so naturally I was a little adverse to copping Diamonds…until I saw its many possibilities. The pod is slightly creamy and can be applied with fingertips if you need to brighten up throughout the day, but the real seller is that it can also be used as a lip gloss to add sheen to the Nude lipstick, or a primer for eye shadows. Hello, I am here for all of the above!

Take a closer look at it on the skin below.

Now, I must tell you what I don’t like about the collection: The lie, lie, lie about the colors we should have been expecting. I was most excited about the orange lip I was expecting to live in for fall from the line, instead I got a re-launch of RiRi Woo (like, we get it Rihanna) and a shimmery orange lip that looks like it was straight out of a Patra reggae video circa the late ’90s.

Not. Interested. But we snapped a photo of it on Music Editor Britt’s hand for you to judge:

You can check out the full collection that is promised to launch online October 3rd here. It is in stores now.

So now that I have shared my review with you, feel free to go to @MiissHislop on Twitter, or comment below to tell me your makeup obsessions. I won’t judge if you don’t.

Rachel Hislop

Rachel is the Style Editor for, proud graduate of a SUNY school, and as sarcastic as they come. Follow her on Twitter for random daily ramblings @MiissHislop and on Instagram for as many puppy photos and selfies as you can handle @AmazingRach 

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