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For the first time in seventeen years, the United States government has shut down.  Hundreds of thousands of families across this nation will be hurt by the inaction of a few politicians who have successfully hijacked their own party.  The Tea Party Republicans, led by Senator Ted Cruz, were able to close the doors of Congress, over their disagreement with the Affordable Care Act; a law that will provide healthcare for millions of Americans who have been living their lives in fear of getting sick.  When the history books are written, this law will prove to be a turning point that pointed our nation towards a more compassionate America, a country that no longer only took care of the privileged, but rather took care of all of its people. Republican or Democrat, if you’re American, you should want to take care of your brother and your sister.

It has been painstakingly obvious that there are some members of Congress that are severely threatened by President Obama’s success.  No matter what he does, they don’t like it. They are not working for the betterment of the people, they are working for the betterment of themselves, and often times, the betterment of their puppet master’s wallet.

Barack Obama has shown time and time again that he will stand up for the American people.  He has shown that he will risk his own political career, like speaking directly with the Iranian President, because he knows it’s the right thing to do.  He will call on a distant friend in Russia and ask them to help resolve a conflict with one of their close friends, Syria, so our nation can avoid war at all costs.  He will challenge the mighty powerful gun lobby because he can no longer bare the pain on the faces of mothers and fathers who have buried their children before they could say goodbye.  He is a man of dialogue.  He is a man who believes in exhausting all of his resources before making a decision.  He is a man who will constantly take the higher moral ground.  To not work with him is a mistake that could and should cost the Republican Party the majority in the House when the mid-term election occurs next year.  If they shut down the government, we will open the ballot box.

While many members of the other side would rather close down the government and hurt the American people, Barack Obama is willing to do the work that will continue to grow our economy, create more jobs, engage in international peace talks and tackle tough issues like healthcare, immigration and the environment.   He is a negotiator, someone who is willing to work through the tough problems our nation faces. It was inspiring to seem him begin direct negotiations with the new Iranian President and work with Vladimir Putin to solve the Syrian problem.  But, I am proud that he will not negotiate with the minority party in this country with a gun to his head. If the Republicans, specifically the members of the Tea Party, want to play games with our economy, he shouldn’t give them an inch.  Tell the Tea Party that they can’t hijack our government and to take a seat.  Stand strong, Mr. President, we got your back.

~Russell Simmons