For all of the misunderstandings, missteps, and missed opportunities of the Tea Party since 2009, their demise only leaves us status quo politics   Some of you are excited because of the recent results from the primary elections going on around the country. With high-profile losses of many Tea Party favorites through 2014 coming on the heels of 2012’s Republican woes, […]

Richard Cohen, the man who once said he was scared of black people, is back at it again with some pretty disturbing comments on interracial marriage and sexual orientation. In his Nov. 11 column, “Christie’s tea-party problem,” published in the Washington Post, Cohen argues that today’s GOP isn’t racist, however, they do have trouble embracing some of […]

It’s official. New York City’s new favorite family is now the First Family of the Big Apple. Last night, Bill de Blasio won the NYC mayoral race by a landslide, becoming the first Democrat in two decades to serve as the mayor of the city. With his liberal agenda, opposition to stop-and-frisk and pledge to raise […]


For the first time in seventeen years, the United States government has shut down...