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It’s October and that means only one thing – it’s homecoming season.

For some of you, high school seems like ages ago, but for others, high school was just a few Lil Wayne mixtapes ago. Some of us “old fogeys” took a trip down memory lane and remembered all the ridiculous things we did during our high school homecoming.

In retrospect, the high school homecoming melee involved too many tacky hair accessories, excessive glittery face paint, and dirty high school politics. Basically the whole high school homecoming process was extremely unnecessary, but hey, we had a good time doing the unnecessary things self-absorbed high school students do.

If you were lucky enough to go to a high school that had a homecoming celebration, you’ll giggle at the 21 things you probably did during your high school homecoming.

Hop in our time capsule and go back to high school below.

1. Homecoming talk always began with excited whispers around school…

2. Then the campaigning for Homecoming King and Queen began…(mostly for the queen title, of course).

3. And then the dirty high school politics…


4. Can’t forget about the frantic search to find a date for the homecoming dance.

5. And then the obvious next step in the homecoming celebration…shopping.

6. But not just dress shopping…

7. …shopping for the overly spirited “Spirit Week.”

8. Remember Retro Day?

9. Or what about pajama day?

10. Twin Day?

11. Mix-Match Day?


12. Or how about the “big game” day otherwise known as “School Spirit Day.”

13. Oh, and the high energy pep rally to celebrate the…

14. ….countless hours you worked on your senior class float for the Homecoming parade.


15. After much deliberation and bribery, you manage to make a decision on who you will crown Homecoming King and Queen.

16. Then the Friday night lights come on and the big Homecoming game goes down.

17. And Homecoming King and Queen are crowned.

18. The next night was the homecoming dance.

19. And when you weren’t taking awkward pictures with your date…

20. You probably took hilarious pictures with your closest friends.

21. And then you danced the night away….

Ahhh…those were the good old days.

PHOTO CREDIT: Adam Lapierre

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