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Did you hear?

AKA, Mean Girls day

AKA the greatest movie of all time

As if we actually needed a reason to quote Mean Girls… Because you really can’t do it too much

You may come across some of this


So even if you’re sensitive and all like

And those less enlightened are like

Take a page out of Janis Ian’s book and be like

Because Mean Girls taught us a lot of valuable life lessons

Like how to put on a brave face when you’re really hurting

And how to respond to bullies

And how to make a bad situation positive

And it made our parents seem semi-normal

It made us feel smarter

Like, way smarter

And it gave us the official Halloween costume guidelines

Also, there’s this. The best movie quote of all time.

So if anyone ever tells you they’ve never seen Mean Girls

Tell them to

And definitely be like

Because Mean Girls is the best movie of all time

Happy Mean Girls Day!


Even Mariah Carey likes to quote Mean Girls

OK, that’s all.

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