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car crash Capitol hill shooting dc

This week, there was havoc in Washington D.C. as a woman tried to break down a barricade in her car at the White House, and was then chased and shot down by police.

While the video that surfaced was disturbing to many as viewers could see the woman, Miriam Carey, being chased by police and gun shots going off, her sisters are much more horrified with the use of guns in the first place.

Her sister Amy said in an interview with CNN of her sister:

‘She was fun, she was loving. She was filled with dreams for her new daughter.’

‘We don’t know what happened.

‘We’re still trying to put the pieces together. It’s very sudden. It still doesn’t seem real. We’re still waiting for the real story.’

‘Was there some other way that she could have been helped so that it didn’t end tragically? ‘Personally, I feel that as professionals there has to be another way other than shooting and killing an individual.’

They also went into detail of Miriam’s health problems that could have led to this incident:

‘My sister was not a bipolar schizophrenic individual. I can’t say as to why she was in DC. Regardless as to why, she was in dc her life should not have ended there,’

‘I just know that my sister did experience post-partum depression along with psychosis,’

‘She worked very closely with her doctor to taper her off the medication.

‘It wasn’t something that was displayed- it was a momentary breakdown… She didn’t appear to be unstable.

‘There (were) not moments of her walking around with delusions- that’s not what was going on.

‘She had her challenges as a new parent and I always spoke closely with her,’ Amy said, describing those challenges as ‘nothing out of the ordinary’.

‘She seemed to be overwhelmed.’

Our hearts go out to the family of Miriam Carey, especially her little daughter who was in the car at the time of the chase-down.

Do you guys think the cops should have shot her down?

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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