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Washington Redskins v Oakland Raiders

Devoted fans aren’t having it and neither are Washington Redskins players, but there’s at least one person in D.C. who thinks the NFL team should be renamed.

President Obama joined the ranks as a supporter to change the 80-year-old offensive name, telling the Associated Press that he would think about switching it up if he owned the team.

Obama said team names like the Redskins offend “a sizable group of people.” He said that while fans get attached to the nicknames, nostalgia may not be a good enough reason to keep them in place.

“I don’t know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things,” he said in the interview, which was conducted Friday.

Well we say no — attachment or nostalgia shouldn’t override these things. If that was the case, the n-word would be an acceptable epithet for southerners to use, no? We could write a dissertation on the historical implications and why the “Redskins” might be offensive to a group of people, but you’re probably not here for that. You get it. We’ll spare you.

Anyway, it made us examine what other teams should take a lesson from Obama when it comes to being politically incorrect.

The Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three

Chicago Blackhawks

City Of Chicago Prepares For Start Of The Stanley Cup Series

Kansas City Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs

But some will point out that the Braves, Blackhawks and even the Chiefs, when stripped from the name of a team, aren’t alone offensive. That’s up for debate in my book.

And then there are teams that lost the name-change battle, and for good reason. Like…

The Washington Bullets/Wizards

Hornets V Bullets

Washington Bullets became the Wizards back in 1997 when people started to realize that maybe their basketball team shouldn’t be named after a bullet in a city with a high murder rate. Who knows what they were thinking those first 24 years.

 Houston Colts/Astros

Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros

And who did the Colt .45s, named after a gun, belong to? Texas, of course. But thankfully the American space obsession in the 1960s helped turn this violently named team around.

 Cleveland Lake Shores/Bluebirds/Broncos/Naps/Indians

Wild Card Game - Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians

And last but not least…the team that should have stayed with their original name. Since the 1900s, Cleveland’s baseball team has changed its name four times and somehow (and to someone) the Indians was the best choice.

Looks like they could use a makeover.

SOURCE: Total Sports, Think Progress | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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