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22 karat Toilet paper

Fact: The Toilet Paper Man is a real online retailer for all of your paper product needs.

Possible Fiction: The 22 Karat toilet paper the brand claims to be selling for $1,376,900. Before tax, of course.

As if the market of lavishly overpriced items without substance wasn’t saturated enough, the Australian Toilet Paper Man claims to hold the key to the 22 Karat TP that they are touting as “the most expensive toilet paper in the world.” Because wiping your booty with the newly minted $100 bill just isn’t enough sometimes.

The product’s description reads as follows:

This is the most expensive toilet paper roll in the world. A Quality 3ply toilet paper with 22 carat gold through the roll. As you use the toilet paper 22 carat gold flakes will fall onto the floor and your behind taking you to another level of sophistication.

We have only been able to produce 1 roll at this stage. Naturally it comes gift wrapped. This is 100% useable and safe. Made proudly in Australia by us. Please note this is for only 1 roll.

The image is for representational purposes only.

Of course the gold ass wiper comes with a free bottle of champagne, their finest we will assume. And it doesn’t end there. Alas, the sole comment on the site reads as follows:

My Husband versus the sun shinning from his bum 😉  (5 / 5 Stars)

This seems to be the perfect gift for someone who has everything. My husband would love it. hehe

We’ll go ahead and ignore all the things that are wrong with wiping your butt with gold flakes. Feeling like a baller? Head over to The Toilet Paper Man and drop your millions. 

SOURCE: Fashion Bomb Daily 

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