Zendaya is no stranger at killing the fashion game with her head turning outfits. Today, the talented actress stepped out in an all gold getup that left people shook. Ironically, she decided to appear all glossed up the same day the Golden Globe nominations were announced. Folks couldn’t help but make fun of the reference. […]

We’re embarking on a whole new era as a planet. According to NASA, for the first time ever, “scientist at LIGO have directly detected gravitational waves and light from a huge collision of neutron stars. Astronomers were able to observe this spectacular event from virtually every time of energy and wavelength.  But what does this […]

A businessman in the Indian capital of Delhi is recovering after doctors retrieved 12 gold bars from his stomach. The 63-year-old man was admitted to the hospital after complaining about stomach troubles, having problems defecating, and vomiting. He told doctors he swallowed a bottle cap in anger after fighting with his wife. Because apparently that’s […]

Fact: The Toilet Paper Man is a real online retailer for all of your paper product needs. Possible Fiction: The 22 Karat toilet paper the brand claims to be selling for $1,376,900. Before tax, of course. As if the market of lavishly overpriced items without substance wasn’t saturated enough, the Australian Toilet Paper Man claims […]