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This is embarrassing. Ryan Reynolds had a bumpy flight after a passenger on an airplane vomited all over his shirt!

Ryan and his wife, Blake Lively, were flying from New York to New Orleans when a sick passenger hurled chunks all over the Safe House actor, forcing him to take off his shirt for the remainder of the flight.

Ryan, who is currently filming his next movie Selfless in Nola, was in First Class, when the lady in front of him took advantage of all the free booze on the Delta flight, got sick, and let it loose.

“She had clearly had too much to drink, causing her to be sick,” one source told a website.

That’s when Ryan quickly stripped, while the flight attendants helped him clean off. After sitting around shirtless for a while, Ryan changed and was escorted off the plane post-haste.

Ryan was reportedly a good sport about the whole thing, but boy, oh boy…that’s rough. We imagine it wasn’t so rough, however, being a female passenger on a plane with a shirtless Ryan Reynolds.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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