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Amber Rose is a great girl to have by your side – she’s just SO into having fun, living life, and enjoying the moment.

Most recently, baby Bash’s mama has been putting all her creative energy into Halloween, and into scaring the wiz out of her hubby Wiz Khalifa via Facetime. Mother Rosebud hit up Playboy Mansion as a black and white television character (think I Love Lucy) and boy, did she pull the look off!

But just before partying with Hugh Hef and the bunnies, Amber hit her hubby up and apparently, he wasn’t expecting the black and white beauty before his eyes.

Amber captioned the above pic:

“Candid pic of me Facetiming with my hubby. He freaked out when he saw my costume”

We don’t blame Wiz, that costume is trippy. Hopefully we get to see him and his mini-me Bash in adorable matching costumes soon – keep your fingers crossed.


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