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It looks like Justin Bieber‘s dreams of spray painting with Chris Brown might already be shot down.

The Believe singer has been in Brazil for the past week, and he’s already managed to get himself into some trouble as he was charged with vandalism.

While visiting South America, the Biebz decided to participate in spray painting some graffiti art onto a wall, which happened to be private property, and he has officially been charged.

According to E! News, locals got together for a 3-day testimony where they finally came to the conclusion that he should be charged with vandalism.

Even though he won’t be arrested, Justin will still have to pay a hefty fine which will be determined after 30 days so a judge can look over the evidence.

It looks like Justin got off pretty easy with that one, and he may have to consider a different hobby for awhile!

Brazil really hasn’t kept him too much out of trouble in other areas too, since the girl that filmed Justin sleeping is speaking out.

EGO got an interview with Tati Neves, the girl in the video, which was translated by CBI. She told the site:

“Right now I can’t say anything about it, but later… later I’ll be talking” Neves said.“I thought I was taking a photo, but I was wrong.”

“I received calls today from U.S. websites asking me to talk…. to give interviews,” Neves said. “I was surprised by all this. But I’d prefer to not talk about it.”

Her advisor told the site:

“This video was not supposed to be leaked, because in the video you can hear her talking to her friend,”

Hmm, pictures still wouldn’t seem to make the Beliebers any less mad!

Do you guys believe Tati?


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