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Who knew Kanye West had MMA-type fighting skills?

Apparently, everyone except us. A new video titled “Kanye West fights the paparazzi” popped up online this week, and went all the way viral.

The grainy video from Austin, Texas shows a blurry figure in skinny jeans, who looks a lot like Yeezus, fighting two dudes who are allegedly part of ‘Ye’s much reviled paparazzi.

The blurry vid shows “‘Ye” punching one chubby photog before he proceeds to lay out another dude. As you might expect, the video garnered almost half a million views already, but fortunately, it’s reportedly all a fake.

Kanye West wasn’t in Austin and the paparazzi have no cameras – Yeezy was actually home in Cali with his daughter, North West.

Do we really think Kanye is so angry he’ll go all Kimbo Slice on the ‘razzi?

TMZ reports that after KimYe left Leonardo DiCaprio’s party in NYC, the couple headed straight to the airport.

Kanye and Kim landed just before 6 AM  … and rushed home where Kanye picked up Nori and headed to the doctor’s office in Bev Hills.  FYI … guess who didn’t go?  Mama K was otherwise engaged.

Instead, Kim went to the family’s yard sale, where she took a tumble and sold the family’s underwear for a good cause.

Take a look at the video above and judge for yourself.

SOURCE: TMZ, Youtube 

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