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After denying that he ever smoked crack, finally admitting that he smoked crack, and confessing that he had purchased illegal drugs in the past year, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has finally asked for some professional help. He still, however, claims that he is not an addict. “I have admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. Okay, I’ve admitted to drinking too much. Okay, so I’m dealing with it. I am training every day. I’m in the gym for two hours every day. I’m seeking professional help. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not a drug addict.” Oh? [FOX]

Nasheen K. Anderson, a high school student in Philadelphia, has been arrested for intimidating witnesses after he allegedly posted names of “snitches” and secret court documents on his Twitter account with the message, “EXPOSE ALL RATS.” Police believe the post was part of a “stop snitching” effort to discourage people in his neighborhood to stop cooperating with police. Ironic, no? [DailyMail]

Executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, just announced that the company will start to globally block lines to child pornography within the next six months. About time…[Mashable]

A man who fell from the third deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium injured another man when he landed on him during the Bills’ game against the New York Jets. The man who was hit by the falling fan sustained a head injury and the man who fell hurt his shoulder. Watch the video, here…[YouTube]

Ariana Klay, a U.S. Marine, was raped by her fellow Marines. When she came forward, her commander told her she deserved to be assaulted for wearing running shorts and make up. She was then harassed, victimized, and bullied by superiors in the military branch she volunteered to serve in. Read her harrowing story here…[Upworthy]

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