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Chris Brown may need some “novacane” for the pain if Frank Ocean’s cousin Sha’Keir Duarte wins this impending lawsuit.

Remember when Frank Ocean and Chris Brown allegedly got into a studio brawl earlier this year? Yeah, we tried to forget about it too.

While Frank Ocean decided not to press charges against the “Fine China” singer, his cousin is proceeding with a hefty $3 million lawsuit.

TMZ Reports:

Chris Brown is responsible for more than $3 million dollars in pain and suffering … according to legal docs filed by Frank Ocean’s cousin over that massive brawl outside a recording studio.

The docs were filed by Sha’Keir Duarte … who claims one of Chris’ goons put the hurtin’ on him during the melee between Chris, Frank, and their posses in West Hollywood last January.

Wondering about the monetary breakdown of Sha’Keir’s lawsuit? Well, his lawyers spelled out the $3 million worth of damages:

$1,000,000 for pain, suffering and inconvenience

$1,000,000 for emotional distress

$1,000,000 for punitive damages

$60,000 for medical expenses

According to reports, Chris Brown’s legal team is planning to countersue Sha’Keir Duarte, claiming the plaintiff was “aggressive and hostile.”

Hopefully, both men will settle this dispute out of court.


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