To celebrate the ending of their feud, we gathered some photos of these two legends filming together on set back in the '90s. Things are looking up for Birdman and Lil Wayne after their longstanding feud and we don’t know about y’all but we’re happy to see the worst is over. In the wee hours of this morning, Baby showed his “son” some love on Instagram with TMZ reporting this is the second time they bumped into […]

Rumors about the cast of Sex and the City not getting along went on for years before we saw any kind of real static with our own two eyes. If you’ll recall, a little over one month ago, Kim Cattrall put the final nail in the coffin where Sarah Jessica Parker was concerned, writing on […]

Wendy Williams has made a whole career out of being shady, but every once in a while she takes bad mouthing celebrities a step too far—especially where Beyoncé is concerned. Just today, for example, she shared her opinion on Fergie‘s All-Star Weekend “Star Spangled Banner” fail and somehow ended up shading Bey in the process. […]

Is 2017 really the year of reconciliation? Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have had beef since both ladies were on the come up, back in 2011. Now, the female emcees have ended their feud and reportedly are working on new music together. The “Fancy” rapper took to Snapchat on Tuesday to announce that she and […]

There are few forces more powerful than that of the Beyhive and Rihanna's Navy.

Farrah Abraham is making sure her beef with Nicki Minaj will end with a victory by using her daughter to deliver the knockout blow.

Can someone please log them both out of social media for the time being?

Wale chimed in on the beef between his fellow label mate, Meek Mill, and Drake, stating the losses, and now Meek has responded.