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Rob Ford just can’t catch a break this year.

Details are beginning to emerge about the months leading up to the world discovering the Toronto Mayor’s drug use. Just a month before the video of Ford using drugs was released, he allegedly lost his cellphone at a crack house.

According to Talking Points Memo, Ford claimed that his phone was lost during a charity event, but police listened to conversations on Ford’s phone and believe that it was stolen at a crack house.

Alleged gangster Liban Siyad got a phone call just before 1 a.m. on April 20, at which time he was allegedly told to go to 15 Windsor Rd., believed by police to be a crack house, because “Rob Ford wants some drugs.” Siyad was later heard on wire taps saying the mayor had been “smoking his rocks” that day at 15 Windsor Rd. It was from that alleged crack house that police believe Ford’s phone was stolen.

Also according to Gawker, Ford tried to buy a video of him using drugs from the dealers – and even threw in a car as part of his offering.

Mohamed Siad is the drug dealer who met with Gawker’s John Cook in an attempt to sell him the footage back in May. “Remember that day he said that in front of me,” says Siad on the tape, possibly referencing the mayor or one of the mayor’s emissaries. “Ya, he said ‘I’ll give you five thousand and a car.’ What the fuck is that?'” Siad then said he planned to meet Mayor Ford and ask for $150,000 in exchange for the video.

Well, he still has a chance in the porn industry for 2014.

SOURCE: Gawker, Talking Points | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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