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71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations

The Golden Globe nominations were released this morning, and while we’re happy for Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o and Kerry Washington, we can’t help but wonder what happened to some of our other favorite movies, actors and actresses.

For example, Michael B. Jordan and Fruitvale Station were completely snubbed from the Golden Globes, along with The Butler. Not just Lee Daniels’ The Butler as a whole, but Oprah was completely left out, which sparked The Hollywood Reporter to write that “the HFPA of years past would never have passed up the chance to nominate the likes of Oprah, Harrison Ford and Martin Scorsese.”

So while I’m excited for the showdown between Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o for Best Supporting Actress, I can’t understand why Bellamy Young wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She brought me to tears numerous times this season playing Mellie on Scandal.

But let’s think: it could be because the majority of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association members are European. Which THR says might be the reason some heavyweights and power players were left off this year’s nomination list.

Their noms kept out of the top race three films set largely or entirely in America: Lee Daniels’ The Butler (which was completely shut out, with not even supporting actress Oprah Winfrey receiving an invitation to the party), August: Osage County (its lead actress Meryl Streep and supporting actress Julia Roberts were nominated)

When have they ever passed up a chance to recognize Meryl Streep’s brilliance?

Despite my shock, I’m also completely onboard with Deadline when they point out that a racing movie beat out movies about a black domestic and Walt Disney:

Rush getting a Best Motion Picture Drama slot over the likes of Butler and Saving Mr. Banks (which, as at SAG, received only one nod for star Emma Thompson) is a stunner.

So true.

However, the biggest surprises might be yet to come. Many of my friends have been saying that 12 Years and Chiwetel are a cinch to win Best Picture and Best Actor, but insiders are saying it’s a much closer race then people might think.

12 Years A Slave would appear to be poised to take Best Picture – Drama, but based on conversations I have had with HFPA insiders I think the race is much closer there and actually could be anyone’s ballgame. Philomena, even without a directing nomination for Stephen Frears, could be a spoiler in a close race between 12 Years, Gravity, Captain Phillips and dark horse Rush.

With that said, I’m upset, I’m shocked, but I am intrigued as ever – because we are talking, we are going out to the theater and we are all excited to see who is going to bring home the trophies. So, the winner is….

Who do you think should have been nominated? Sound off below.

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